Cynthia Guardado is a Salvadorian-American poet and Professor of English at Fullerton College. She is the managing editor of LiveWire, a literary arts magazine at Fullerton College. Her debut poetry collection, ENDEAVOR was published in 2017 by World Stage Press. Her manuscript Cenizas was the first place recipient of the Concurso Binacional De Poesía authorphoto_nevada2Pellicer-Frost (UTEP/S-Mart) , Cenizas is currently under review. Her poems have also appeared in ITWOW: In the Words of Women International Anthology, Huizache, Bozalta Journal, The Acentos Review, The Packinghouse Review, The Wandering Song: Central American Writing in the United States, and The Normal School. Cynthia also translated and transcribed interviews with journalist and Cuban exile, Normando Hernandez Gonzalez which were published in The Madrid Conversations (New Orleans Press 2013).

Cynthia Guardado’s parents, Anselmo & Margoth, immigrated from El Salvador to Los Angeles, California, in the early 1980’s where Cynthia would later be born. She was raised in Inglewood, California, until she left to earn her Bachelor of Arts with an Emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Her creative work discusses the experiences of having a cross-cultural life and existing in between two landscapes. She is dedicated to social justice and currently lives in Inglewood. She is a Professor of English at Fullerton College, where her teaching is centered around contemporary works written by authors dedicated to social change in America.

Contact: cynthia.c.guardado@gmail.com