The Rebirth of Social Activism

Update: Time elapsed, grad school is over, waiting tables is over too, and adjuncting at three different schools is in (Cerritos College, Long Beach City College, & Irvine Valley College). Also, today is my 30th birthday.

So you might be wondering what brings me back? It began with noticing that my Facebook profile was linked to my blog. I was felt nostalgic and decided to look at at my old posts and then of course I asked myself, “Why did I stop posting?” Time and laziness quickly came to mind. But over the past few weeks, as the new semester rolled in and my driving increased, I’ve listened to KPFK 90.7 just about every time I am in the car. Each broadcast stirs up complex emotions; I’m excited by what people are doing to make positive changes in the world; I’m growing as I get more and more informed about world news & real news; and each time I feel become disillusioned all over again.

I guess I decided it is time to do something about it, to just put some of these ideas out here on a public space. I am already doing that in my classroom each day. Every time I try to open up my students minds, show them something new and different. From this point forward this blog will not only be about my progress as a writer but also my progress as an activist.

Today, I turn 30 and feel closer and closer to a point where I really can make a difference in the world. I do this one step at a time with each of my students. But its also time to step up the space and start accomplish goals that now seem to be collecting dust. I want my book to become a reality, I want my non-profit to become a reality, and I want my students to be more aware and critical of the things around them.

For now, its late. But I will leave you with this idea. This months(it might be next months) cover of People Magazine shows us three women who they state are part of the world’s most beautiful The women on the cover are Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Lopez. Who knows if they were all put on the cover because their names start with the letter ‘J’ or if it was because theses women fit the standards of the media portrayed beauty.

The question is when will women who don’t fit this mold also be described as beautiful by society? Generations of women of color have become women who are ostracized and often silent/ed. A larger awareness needs to be placed on the effects media and marketing have on women. It is not something we can stop from occurring but it is something we can talk about or write about it.

I will end with this: It is difficult to get over body/beauty issues when everything about this society makes a women of color question herself. At every turn our confidence is getting attacked, if we don’t have confidence we are doomed. If we do have confidence, some one is always trying to strip us . Self-worth is the most important thing we can give ourselves. And we have to remember that people who go out of their way to make you question your self worth are the people with the lowest self esteem out there. Sending fuerza your way.


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