“The poems of Endeavor call out personal and cultural injustice, and they examine the experience of loss, but they insist on acknowledgement and documentation rather than any type of closure.”

—Corrinne Clegg Hales, author of To Make it Right


“This is her story. This is your story. This is our Nation’s tale of truth in the face of denial; denial which is but one certain phase of grief — the grief that affects us all.”

—Lorna Dee Cervantes, author of Drive


“Guardado’s bold and fearless debut collection of poetry is interconnected to a greater whole–perhaps the body, or a city, or a rebirth. These are wombyn anthems, the way Adrienne Rich or Sharon Olds or Cherrie Moraga might’ve forged had they played and loved and lived among the balmy Los Angeles streets in a post-millennial world, where ones ‘natural existence is altered into sad arcs.'”

—Tim Z. Hernandez, author of All They Will Call You